DOD Cyberspace Operations Lexicon   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The following definitions align key cyberspace operations (CO) concepts with doctrinally accepted terms and definitions used in the other joint operational domains. For explanatory purposes. in each case, the current Information Operations (IO) doctrinal definition for some aspect of CO is presented, followed by its conventional analogue, if any, and the current terminology it would replace. Where an existing JP 1-02 doctrinal definition is applicable as written or with very minor modifications, that definition is used with the modification, if any, noted. Note 1: Because IO doctrine uses just three terms (CNA, CNE, and CND) [Computer Network Attack, Computer Network Exploitation and Computer Network Defense] to encompass all mission areas, each of those terms is replaced here by more than one standard joint term, reflecting the broad array of discrete missions that comprise CO as they are executed today. Note 2: This lexicon does not attempt to include every cyber-related term, but rather is focused on those for which the current cyber terminology does not align with an analogous traditional military term. Thus many terms, especially those related to NetOps, are not captured here because they reflect missions that have no analogue in the other domains those terms are unaffected by this lexicon, but remain important to any comprehensive understanding of cyberspace operations."

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