Strategic Defense Initiative in a Changing World   [open pdf - 2MB]

"In response to dramatic changes in the global strategic environment, the United States must move from a bipolar to a multipolar defense strategy. Our emerging strategy must concentrate on both global and regional conflicts in which ballistic missiles of varying ranges and weapons of mass destruction may be employed. The proliferation of space and ballistic missile capabilities, especially into the Third World, will directly impact upon the future strategic defense requirements of the United States and its allies. The changing global geo-political situation, along with technology proliferation, will require an effective ballistic missile defense through the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program, especially to defend against ballistic missile attack in regional conflict. More importantly, however, the changing global threat will considerably influence future arms-control regimes. This paper analyzes the emerging threat. It focuses on the growing weapons of mass destruction and on proposed redirection of the SDI Program to adequately respond to the proliferation threat. Finally, it reviews how international arms-control regimes can be redirected from an East-West orientation to a broader global focus relative to missile proliferation."

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