True Cost of the War, Hearing Before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, Second Session, September 30, 2010   [open pdf - 747KB]

From the opening statement of Bob Filner: "We all look at the data that comes from these wars. It struck me one day that the official data for the wounded is around 45,000 for both wars; and, yet, we know that 600,000 or 700,000 of our veterans of these wars, of which there are over a million already, have either filed claims for disability or sought health care from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for injuries suffered at war- 45,000 versus 800,000. This is not a rounding error. I think this is a deliberate attempt to mask what is going on, in terms of the actual casualty figures. We know there is denial of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is considered a weakness among Marines and soldiers to admit mental illness, so we don't even have those figures until it is possibly too late. We all know that women are participating in this war in a degree never before seen in our Nation's history, and yet, an estimated half or two-thirds have suffered sexual trauma. The true cost of war." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Bob Filner, Ciro D. Rodriguez, John Batiste, Linda J. Bilmes, Joseph A. Violante, Corey Gibson, Lorrie Knight-Major, William L. Nash, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Donna R. Van Derveer, Paul Sullivan, James D. McDonough Jr., and Swords to Plowshares.

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