Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate: H.R. 249, Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2013   [open pdf - 21KB]

This is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Cost Estimate for H.R. 249, "Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2013." According to the report: "Under H.R. 249, individuals with federal tax debt that is seriously delinquent would be ineligible to be appointed or to continue serving as an employee of the federal government. The legislation defines seriously delinquent tax debt as outstanding tax debt to the federal government for which a public lien has been filed. Tax debt that is being paid in a timely manner or is part of a requested or pending collection-due-process hearing would not be considered seriously delinquent. Federal agencies would be required to have job applicants certify that they do not have such debt. The legislation also would allow agencies to review the public records of applicants or current employees; if a lien is discovered, agencies would be authorized to ask affected individuals to request that the Secretary of the Treasury confidentially disclose the status of that lien."

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