Information Dominance: The Navy's Initiative to Maintain the Competitive Advantage in the Information Age [transcript]   [open pdf - 88KB]

"I would like to take this opportunity, as I've said, to talk about what I think are some rather significant moves we're making within the Navy to better man, train and equip the United States Navy for the fight that we're in and for the challenges that we're likely to face in the future. I came into my current position having spent the past few years with the operational forces of the United States Navy in the Atlantic and in the Pacific, in joint positions and in Navy positions and it was in that period of time that I had a wonderful vantage point on the uses of information, particularly in an operational sense. How we gathered it, how we processed it, how we managed it, how we exchanged it, and most importantly how we then tried to use it. I also have had the insight recently of being able to make several trips to Iraq and Afghanistan to see how particularly, in the area of special operations, that we have been able to fuse information and intelligence into operations in ways that we have never been able to do before. […] And, it became clear to me and this idea really has been germinating now for about three years that we really needed to transform our strategic concepts, the institutions, the organizations, the capabilities and the processes, and I think possibly most importantly our culture. If we as a Navy are to remain dominant in this information age, this cyber age, or whatever moniker you choose to put on, I think that we have to take advantage of the new opportunities that exist such as the vast stores of collected data. Information and intelligence that often lie at rest, unrecoverable, unavailable and untapped. To take advantage of the ability to filter, to analyze and then disseminate that information and to leak that information, the appropriate information to either kinetic or other decisive effects in real time."

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