'Triangle of Death': Medical Sustainability in Expeditionary Sea-Based Operations   [open pdf - 208KB]

"The futuristic concept of joint, geographically dispersed, expeditionary (or 'distributed') operations emanating from bases at sea entails many challenges. Among them are the formulation and design of afloat casualty-care capabilities, especially where maneuver forces are inserted into territories devoid of land-based logistic support. In expeditionary amphibious operations during the past century, ad hoc creative shipboard adaptations for treatment and salvage of the combat wounded occasionally proved successful and functionally effective. If flexible and adaptive joint operational medical support is to be made available in the future, an appreciation of these historical achievements is essential. Further, if the frequently irretrievable physical deterioration of the injured-- metaphorically, the 'triangle of death'--is to be avoided, familiarity with the immediate needs of the combat wounded is likewise imperative, especially the unique requirements of wounds seen in contemporary armed conflict."

2008 Naval War College Review. Posted here with permission. Documents are for personal use only and not for commercial profit.
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Naval War College Review (Spring 2008), v. 61 no. 2, p. 96-117
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