Review Essay: 'Sir Quinlan: Nuclear Zealot for Moderation'   [open pdf - 54KB]

"Potentially limitless in its military destructiveness and boundless in its ability to provide carbon-free power, nuclear energy all but begs viewing through the conjectural political lenses of infinity and zero. As a result, much of what passes for sound policy and insight regarding its management is not just reckless and self-defeating but technically impracticable. Sir Michael Quinlan (1930--2009), with whom I had the good fortune to work, understood this. An intelligent, modest, and religiously curious man, Quinlan helped shape much of the British nuclear weapons policy. His public service spanned nearly four decades, including work as private secretary to the British chief of air staff, as director of defense policy in the British Ministry of Defence, as UK NATO defense counselor, and as permanent undersecretary of state at the ministries of Employment and Defence. What is most refreshing about Quinlan's insights, reflected in this work, is how consistently he avoids the most current popular extremes."

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Naval War College Review (Summer 2010), v. 63 no. 3, p. 153-155
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