Information Paper: Description of Civil Liberties and Privacy Protections Incorporated in the Updated NCTC Guidelines   [open pdf - 252KB]

"The ODNI's [Office of the Director of National Intelligence] Civil Liberties and Privacy Office (CLPO) has prepared this information paper to describe the civil liberties and privacy protections incorporated in the NCTC [National Counterterrorism Center] Guidelines. This paper furthers one of the main goals under CLPO's 'Civil Liberties and Privacy Enterprise Strategy', to provide appropriate transparency to mission partners, oversight bodies, Congress, and the American public into the Intelligence Community's (IC's) civil liberties and privacy protections. CLPO is led by the 'Civil Liberties Protection Officer,' a position established by Section 103D of the National Security Act of 1947. Statutory duties of the Civil Liberties Protection Officer include ensuring that the protection of civil liberties and privacy is appropriately incorporated in the policies and procedures of IC elements, and overseeing compliance by the ODNI with requirements under the Constitution and all laws, regulations, Executive orders, and implementing guidelines relating to civil liberties and privacy."

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