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"What is Risk MAP? Flood risks change over time, based on new building and development, weather pattern changes, and other factors. The FEMA Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program will assist communities nationwide, assess flood risks, and encourage mitigation planning to avoid or minimize damage in the face of future disasters. Through more precise flood maps, risk assessment tools and outreach support, Risk MAP strengthens local ability to make informed decisions about reducing risk. Watershed Identifying the hazards and risk in communities, anticipating disaster recovery issues, and prioritizing hazard mitigation actions before a disaster strikes will result in substantial long-term reduction of risk and future disaster damage. An effective hazard mitigation planning process is critical to make communities more disaster resistant. During Risk MAP, FEMA will use the watershed boundaries to conduct future studies. This watershed approach will allow communities to come together to develop partnerships, combine resources, share flood risk information with FEMA, and identify broader opportunities for mitigation action. Groups such as local governments, county governments, Tribes, commerce, and non-profit organization will have opportunities to develop a vision for the watershed's future."

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