Rapid Space Force Reconstitution: 'Mandate for United States Security'   [open pdf - 11MB]

"Radical changes in global political and military balances have occurred in the last five years. In response to these changes, the United States defense strategy has moved away from planning for containment of a monolithic enemy and is moving toward flexible, rapid, regionally oriented response anywhere in the world. Although air, land, and sea power have begun alignment toward this goal, space-based military assets are not prepared for short-notice 'come as you are' contingencies that require rapidly deliverable forces. 'This paper argues that national security policy mandates the immediate development of a rapid space force reconstitution (RASFOR) capability.' The paper presents this argument on two levels: strategic, based on national policy documents, and operational, based on military force requirements for the near-term future. A RASFOR operational concept using rapid-response spacelift and light satellites (lightsats) is presented. After the mandate is established, a key question is addressed: 'If the mandate for RASFOR exists, why hasn't it been acted upon?' Based on these discussions, recommendations for implementing RASFOR are presented."

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Air University-Airpower Research Institute-94-4; AU-ARI-94-4
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