Psychological Strategies for Low-Intensity Conflict   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The process of psychological operations (PSYOP) requires a whole state of mind rather than thinking in terms of a specific action or reaction. The ultimate objective in PSYOP is to assist in the application of power by one nation acting on another nation to influence the minds of the people and enhance the achievement of national goals. The greatest need for effective PSYOP today is in the area of low-intensity conflict (LIC), an area in which the probability of US involvement is very high for the remainder of this century. Low-intensity conflict is a spectrum of conflict where success cannot be measured in terms of battles won, hills taken, or bodies counted. Rather, success will be measured in terms of political objectives achieved without the protracted involvement of US combat forces. While it is a spectrum of conflict in which conventional warfighting strategies are not likely to work, it is an area where psychological strategies can contribute immensely to a national strategy. The author firmly believes the proper employment of PSYOP may actually preclude the necessity for the commitment of combat forces in some LIC activities."

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