Health Effects Associated with Energy Conservation Measures in Commercial Buildings Volume 1: Summary   [open pdf - 696KB]

"Indoor air quality can conceivably be impacted by hundreds of different chemicals. More than 900 different organic compounds alone have been identified in indoor air. The health effects that could potentially arise from exposure to individual pollutants or mixtures of pollutants cover the full range of acute and chronic effects, including largely reversible responses, such as rashes and irritations, as well as irreversible toxic and carcinogenic effects. These indoor contaminants are emitted from a large variety of materials and substances that are widespread components of everyday life. Pacific Northwest Laboratory conducted a search of the peer-reviewed literature on health effects associated with indoor air contaminants for the Bonneville Power Administration to aid the agency in the preparation of environmental documents. The results of this search are reported in two volumes. Volume 1 is a summary of the results of the literature search; Volume 2 is the complete results of the literature search and contains all references to the material reviewed. The health effects information available for each contaminant varies widely. A vast amount of health-effects-related information is available on some of the contaminants, such as polychlorinated biphenyls and formaldehyde. However, very little or no information is available on others, such as apinene and octene. Although for some contaminants the information provided in this report may be limited, it reflects what is available at this time."

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PNL-705 Vol. 1
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