Impacts of a Continuing Resolution and Sequestration on Defense: Hearing Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, First Session, February 13, 2013   [open pdf - 1MB]

This testimony compilation is from the February 13, 2013 hearing, "Impacts of a Continuing Resolution and Sequestration on Defense," before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services. From the opening statement of Howard P. "Buck" McKeon: "Good morning. We meet this morning at the eleventh hour. This committee has undergone 16 months of exhaustive examination of the pending damage from Sequestration, and now it appears that this self-inflicted wound is poised to cripple our military forces in just a few days. As the military members of our panel noted in a letter I received on January 14th, 'We are on the brink of creating a hollow force'. None of us come to this committee with clean hands. The debt crisis we face was decades in the making and a result of choosing the easy path when we should have explored the bravery of restraint. The President is not blameless. His negotiators put sequestration on the table during the long fight over the debt ceiling. We are not blameless either. Many of us voted for this terrible mechanism in the naive hope the President and Congress could put our politics aside and fix our debt crisis. That was a bad bet. Today we need to hear the ground truth from our witnesses. They have dedicated their lives to providing their best and unbiased military advice. We are certainly in need of such advice today. Unburdened from administration orders to defer planning and assessments, you can now make it clear to this body, the White House, and the public, what damage months of inaction on sequestration and the Continuing Resolution have done to our Armed Forces. General Odierno, you testified yesterday that you began your military service in a hollow force, and that you are determined not to conclude your career the same way. I hope that you and the panel can expand on that notion today, determining at what level of cuts do Congress and the President turn that fear of a hollow force into reality." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Howard P. McKeon, James F. Amos, Ashton Carter, Martin Dempsey, Frank J. Grass, Jonathan W. Greenert, Raymond T. Odierno, and Mark A. Welsh.

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