Gathering Biological Warfare Storm -- Chapter 10: A Biological Warfare Wake-Up Call: Prevalent Myths and Likely Scenarios   [open pdf - 75KB]

Chapter 10 in the collection of essays entitled "The Gathering Bioligical Warfare Storm" addresses the myths and scenarios associated with biological warfare: "The likelihood that biological weapons will be used against our nation continues to rise. Many in the recent past have considered the talk of such horrific weapons as only hype to justify funding for certain programs for DOD, other governmental agencies, or government contractors. The stark reality of September 11, 2001 when hijacked airliners were used as missiles, and the anthrax attacks that followed, have changed that perception for many. However, since we have not yet suffered a mass casualty biological warfare (BW) event there are others that still dismiss the scenario as highly unlikely. If this view is persuasive to U.S. decision-makers it will impede the nation's ability to prepare for or prevent such an event. Until very recently, the lack of focus on this subject had resulted in a lack of appropriate funding and accountability. There are six important myths that have caused some senior military and other government leaders to develop an inappropriate view of this threat. It would be valuable to those that recognize the nation's vulnerability to BW to know the most likely scenarios we should expect to encounter. Such informed speculations and visualization allows us to prepare before the event or possibly even to prevent it. This chapter describes six common myths about BW and three of the most likely future BW scenarios we may face."

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Davis, Jim A. and Schneider, Barry (Eds). The Gathering Biological Warfare Storm. USAF Counterproliferation Center, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama: April 2002, 2nd Edition, Ch.10
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