Winning the War of Ideas: A Framework for Warfighters   [open pdf - 48KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 'Warfighting' instructs battlestaffs to orient on the enemy. Accordingly, Marine Corps doctrine regarding Information Operations is almost exclusively oriented toward influencing the enemy. Activities are directed against the enemy's civil and military leadership and enemy troops in the field, in support of traditional military objectives. This approach toward Information Operations seems appropriate during conventional warfare, where defeat of the enemy's military forces leads to victory. It seems less adequate, however, in small wars where the People will likely play a decisive role in determining the victor. The outcome of small wars, in many cases, are decided not by who won the war with weapons, but who won the war with better ideas. It is often a question of which side presented a better case ideologically and emotionally, thereby winning the support of the populace. The requirement to convey our national goals and policies in a persuasive manner is therefore vital to our overall mission accomplishment."

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