Less-Redacted Version of CIA Document 3-002 [Originally Released March 15,2010]   [open pdf - 544KB]

From the Document: "This letter expresses concern about the origin of certain claims made by the President and members of his administration before the Mar 03 invasion of Iraq and requests answers to the questions listed in this letter; Please describe in detail the decision making process which concluded with al-Libi being transferred to a foreign government? Does the United States have a uniform policy regarding the transfer of an individual into the custody of a state that appears on the list of states that engage in torture in the Country Reports on Human Rights? Was there thought given to the possibility that under the custody of a foreign government al-Libi might be tortured, especially if the foreign government which received custody of al-Libi had been cited by the Department of State's by the Department of State's annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for torture or abuse of prisoners and detainees? Central Intelligence agency operation cables from February 2004, as quoted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, contain many references to allegations by al-Libi that he was tortured by the foreign intelligence service. After transferring custody of al-Libi to a foreign government, were United States personnel involved in the interrogation? Please describe in detail the judgments your Administration made as to the veracity of the information obtained from al-Libi under interrogation by the foreign intelligence service?"

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Central Intelligence Agency 2-002; CIA 3-002
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