TRADE '86 Conference Report   [open pdf - 5MB]

"It is with great pleasure that I present to the membership of the Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) this report of the second national TRADE Conference, held here at the Academy in December, 1986. TRADE is a unique and very exciting opportunity for the nation's fire training organizations. It is also an important responsiblity for all of us. I would like to underscore my personal commitment that the Academy will, in the years to come, maintain a close and attentive relationship with the membership of TRADE. This commitment includes our continued efforts to support and encourage the exchange of local training programs and ideas through the TRADE networks, and our resolve to listen closely to the feedback and guidance that the TRADE membership can provide to Academy programs and initiatives. The many ideas and suggestions offered to the Academy by the participants of TRADE '86 have already had a significant impact on Academy planning. Some of the program changes that have already been implemented as a result of input from TRADE include: the modularization of all NFA [National Fire Academy] handoff courses, beginning with 1987 handoff courses Preparing for Incident Command and Commanding the Initial Response; the initiation of the development process for a new Leadership curriculum, for field delivery and hand-off; and the establishment of first responders and response team members as the top priorities for hazardous materials training. There are numerous other suggestions and proposals for enrichment of Academy programs and policies which resulted from TRADE '86 and which are presently being considered and evaluated. Our on-going dialogues with the TRADE membership will highlight these different issues as they are further explored and discussed."

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Report of the National Meeting of the Training Resources and Data Exchange, December 1986
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