National Estimates of Indirect Fire Costs   [open pdf - 599KB]

"The objective of this study was to develop a national estimate of indirect residential fire costs which, when combined with an estimate of direct losses based on fire department fire reports, would yield an accurate overall picture of total losses as the result of reported residential fires in the United States. Since fire department reports typically include in their dollar loss estimates only damage directly done to buildings and contents, the subject of the present study, indirect fire costs, was operationally defined to include all costs other than the value of damage directly done to structures and their contents. In particular, the following categories of indirect costs were considered: medical costs, temporary shelter costs, costs of missed work, extra meal costs, funeral costs, demolition costs, cost of legal fees, and other similar, miscellaneous cost items which are not included in those explicit categories. Three categories of indirect fire costs which had to be omitted from the cost calculations presented in this chapter should be noted. First, and perhaps most important, no attempt has been made to place a monetary value on the pain, both physical and psychological, experienced by fire victims and their friends and relatives as a result of the fires. Fires often have devastating nonmonetary impacts because of such factors as deaths, injuries, dislocation, loss of cherished and irreplaceable possessions, and trauma. Indeed, in many cases such costs may be greater in magnitude than those to which monetary values can be assigned."

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