Guide for Preparing and Implementing Fire Training and Education Plans   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The purpose of this document is to guide readers through a process for preparing and implementing a fire training and education plan. The process presented in this guide is based upon the practical experience of numerous state fire organizations. In 1977, through the Academy Planning and Assistance Program (APAP), the National Fire Academy became involved in assisting fire organizations in statewide organizational design development, needs identification and long-term training and education planning. The focus of the APAP effort was to assist the individual states in the assessment of their fire service training and education delivery systems, the strengths and needs of those systems and the adoption of a five year Plan of Action designed to meet identified needs. APAP provided both financial grants and technical assistance to participating state fire organizations. As a result, thirty-eight states assessed the structure and needs of their fire training and education delivery systems. In doing so, they completed the first phase of the APAP program. Eleven states successfully navigated the entire APAP course. Their efforts culminated in a comprehensive five-year 'Plan of Action' that provided the framework for meeting their fire training and education needs on a planned, systematic basis."

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