Introductory Summary: Fire Prevention and Control Master Planning   [open pdf - 881KB]

"The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration (NFPCA), and to its Master Planning Program. You are reading this document because you asked for it, received it at a conference, or were asked to read it by a colleague; so we assume you are interested in fire protection. With that interest in mind, then, we would like to tell you something about fire prevention and control MASTER PLANNING, and to anticipate some questions likely to occur to you, so that you can make a reasoned decision on whether or not to develop a fire prevention and control master plan for your community. First of all, what is fire prevention and control master planning? In simplest terms, it is the development of an affordable plan which involves the whole community looking at today's 'fire situation' and anticipating tomorrow's fire problems. The 'master plan' is the end result of a process in which the principals involved in delivering and receiving all public and private aspects of fire protection define what they desire, what the community can afford and what risk level is being accepted. In 1974, the NFPCA was mandated by its enabling Public Law (93-498) to investigate and 'report on the establishment and effectiveness of master plans in the field of fire prevention and control throughout the Nation'. In fact, 'The Administrator is authorized to encourage and assist . . . States and political subdivisions in such planning activities, consistent with his powers and duties ...' We hope this document encourages you; the NFPCA master planning procedural Guides now being developed provide much of the necessary assistance."

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