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From the Webpage: "Performance.gov is a window to the Administration's efforts to deliver a more effective, smarter, and leaner government. The site gives the public, government agencies, Members of Congress, the media, and others a view of the progress underway in cutting waste, streamlining government, and improving performance. Specifically, Performance.gov provides information on the following areas of focus: [1] Acquisition [2] Financial Management [3] Human Resources [4] Technology [5] Performance Improvement [6] Open Government [7] Sustainability [8] Customer Service[.] Performance.gov advances the President's commitment to communicate candidly and concisely what the Federal Government is working to accomplish, how it seeks to accomplish its objectives, and why these efforts are important. Performance.gov provides two main approaches to viewing information: by agency or area of focus. […] All cabinet departments and nine other major agencies have agency pages on Performance.gov. Each agency's page describes the agency's mission and lists the agency's strategic goals, objectives, and Priority Goals. Each agency's home page also provides links to the agency's strategic plan, annual performance plan, and annual performance report; reports agency progress on government-wide management initiatives; and shows agency contributions to Cross-Agency Performance (CAP) goals. […] Areas of Focus home pages describe progress underway in the areas of acquisition, financial management, human resources, technology, performance improvement, open government, sustainability, and customer service. Where appropriate, the home page for each area of focus discusses the government's goals in that area and progress toward those goals. In selected areas, as appropriate, links are provided to relevant agency-specific data."

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