Fire in the United States: Deaths, Injuries, Dollar Loss, and Incidents at the National, State, and Local Levels in 1983, Sixth Edition   [open pdf - 17MB]

"Within the past ten years, a number of advances have been made in fire safety. Improvements in fire fighter training, standard operating procedures, building codes, consumer product regulation, public education and awareness have all contributed significantly. Despite these accomplishments, however, the most important tasks facing today's fire service remain the development of new and refined prevention methods. For these reasons, the U.S. Fire Administration has selected prevention as the central theme of the sixth edition of Fire in the United States--both to commend recent achievements in fire safety and to point to the need for continued program improvements. This sixth edition of Fire in the United States--as in past years--describes key features of the nation's fire problem. It includes detailed discussions on fire incidence, deaths, injuries, and losses to fire fighters and civilians. The sixth edition also addresses trends and, to the extent possible, forecasts the U.S. fire problem. […] In recent years, the U.S. Fire Administration has made tremendous strides in the development and refinement of its uniform data base--the National Fire Incident Reporting System. The effects of these advancements are apparent in the sixth edition of Fire in the United States. This edition bears the fruit of a substantial base of data: much of its contents are the result of the contributions of over 10,000 fire departments in reporting jurisdictions--participating states, municipalities, and the District of Columbia."

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Fire in the United States 6th Edition
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