Hegemon and Potential Peer Competitor: An Analysis of the United States' Security Security Strategy Towards China   [open pdf - 371KB]

From the thesis abstract: "China is in the middle of a comprehensive transformation process when it comes to economy, politics and military, and the economic interdependencies between China and the US are significant. The purpose of my thesis is to evaluate the US contemporary security strategy towards China with reference to both apparent strategy and policy and to the politics of implementation. The main research question is: Is the United States' contemporary national security strategy for dealing with China appropriate in the light of political and economic development in China? The analysis leads to the conclusion that the United States' contemporary security strategy for dealing with China is inconsistent, and it is not appropriate in the light of political and economic development in China. On the one hand, the United States is publicly proclaiming engagement, cooperation and good relations with China. On the other hand she invests heavily in defense to deter the Chinese from entering those areas that the US currently dominates. While China has chosen reform with strong elements of revolution as its main path, the US strategy is characterized by co-option and constrain. The consequence is uncertainty and to a certain degree instability."

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