Vehicle Marking and Technology for Increased Highway Visibility: A Reference Guide for Decision-Makers [presentation]   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This resource guide serves to provide visual examples of various high-visibility marking schemes that have been applied to the rear and sides of a wide variety of vehicles; automobiles, pickup trucks, utility truck vehicles, SUVs, vans, box-type trucks, and even larger-size service vehicles. These service-oriented vehicles may be found positioned anywhere within the right-of-way of a freeway, highway, roadway, street, bridge, tunnel, etc during the course of their operator's normal work activity. The intent of increased vehicle visibility markings and emergency lighting packages is to make the vehicles more visible and identifiable to the approaching motorist sooner, when the motorist is further away from the marked vehicle. Increased visibility, yielding increased awareness of the presence of the vehicle and quicker recognition of the vehicle will potentially reduce the likelihood of collisions between these vehicles."

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