Skyline West Mitigation Analysis   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The Skyline West community has no municipal water supply and a single means of vehicular access hindering the capacity of the FD [Fire Department] to provide efficient fire response in compliance with Oregon Fire Code. The purpose of this analysis is to identify options for mitigating fire and life safety issues within the Skyline West development. The research methodology was descriptive. The research questions were: 1) How 'efficient' fire response is measured? 2) What are the access and water supply requirements outlined in the Oregon fire code? 3) How does the Skyline west neighborhood compare to the Oregon Fire Code standard of coverage? 4) What are the alternatives to bring the development into compliance for access and water supply? and 5) What are the cost/benefits of each of these access and water supply alternatives? The efficiency of emergency response was measured against guidelines for service delivery set forth by the various national, state and local code organizations. Predictors of efficiency were response times, the availability of a municipal water system and fire department vehicular access."

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