Plan for Structural Collapse Rescue Training Facility Development   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Many disasters including hurricanes and tornadoes have taken place in the state of Mississippi that resulted in victims trapped in collapsed structures. Mississippi firefighters and rescuers are called to help these people who become victims of structural collapse. The problem was the Mississippi State Fire Academy does not have a training facility for structural collapse rescue and without a place to train, Mississippi rescuers are not able to certify or maintain skills in structural collapse rescue. The purpose of this research was to identify the resources required to construct a structural collapse rescue training facility that will facilitate certification courses and skills maintenance. Descriptive research including document analysis and interviews with other training providers were used to answer the following research questions: a) What training facilities are required to meet the requirements for the structural collapse rescue job performance requirements outlined in NFPA [National Fire Protection Association]1006? b) What training facilities are required to meet the requirements for the FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] Structural Collapse Technician course curriculum? c) What types of facilities and props do other training providers use for structural collapse rescue training? and d) What are possible alternatives for building a new structural collapse training facility?"

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