Protection of Civilians Military Reference Guide, Advance Copy   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This 'Protection of Civilians (PoC) Military Reference Guide' grew out of conversations and collaborations with a number of individuals and institutions working to prevent and respond to violence against civilians. Significant among these was a 2009 workshop convened by the Stimson Center at the UK Defence Academy in Shrivenham which engaged experts and doctrine writers alongside military and civilian leaders with experience in protection crises. It included a two-day simulation exercise involving escalating violence against civilians and challenged workshop participants to propose and evaluate courses of action to protect civilians. The workshop was organized by Alison Giffen and Max Kelly to capture insights that could be distilled into guidance for future missions mandated to protect. The project resulted in three products authored by Max Kelly and/or Alison Giffen: 'Addressing the Doctrinal Deficit: Developing Guidance to Prevent and Respond to Widespread or Systematic Attacks Against Civilians'; 'Protecting Civilians: Proposed Principles for Military Operations'; and 'Military Planning to Protect Civilians: Proposed Guidance for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations'. These publications detailed why doctrine on the protection of civilians is needed, outlined a strategic framework for the doctrine and proposed seven doctrinal principles for military operations facing protection challenges. Although the Reference Guide's content has evolved beyond Stimson's work and includes the input and expertise of many, Stimson's 'Addressing the Doctrinal Deficit' initiative and publications served as the point of departure for this Guide."

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