Improving Communication with Non-English Speaking Populations in the City of Dalton, Georgia   [open pdf - 173KB]

"Due to the high concentration of textile manufacturing facilities in the Northwest Georgia area, the City of Dalton has experienced a rapid influx of immigrant and migrant workers within the community. The problem is the City of Dalton currently has a significant non-English speaking population and the fire department is concerned regarding its ability to communicate with these residents in emergent situations. The purpose of this research was to identify how the City of Dalton Fire Department (DFD) could improve communication with non-English speaking residents. Descriptive research methodology was used to answer the following questions: a) Who is/are the target audiences(s) and what are their language capabilities? b) What are the current capabilities of the City of Dalton Fire Department to communicate with non-English speaking populations? c) What have other emergency service organizations done to improve communication with non-English speaking communities? d) How can community resources be used to support communications with non-English speaking populations in emergent situations? Procedures for research included detailed analyses of: demographic information in the City of Dalton, foreign language capabilities of DFD personnel, risk communication programs implemented by other organizations, and strategies for garnering community support for similar initiatives in other communities."

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