Putting CIKR Sites on the Map   [open pdf - 134KB]

"The problem was the Miamisburg Fire Department map books did not designate any Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CIKR) sites. The purpose of this research was to develop a plan to ensure the Miamisburg Fire Department map books designate current CIKR sites. Action research was the methodology used to develop this plan. The research questions were (a) what CIKR site information needs to be included for the designated target hazards, (b) how would a company officer refer to the CIKR site information in the map book upon being dispatched, (c) how does a dispatcher notify the fire department that a particular response is to a CIKR site, (d) how do fire departments in other local jurisdictions identify CIKR sites, and (e) how will the CIKR site portion of the map book stay updated? Previous research and discussions with local dispatch centers and fire department shift commanders were used to obtain the information to complete this project. The results were very few entities have this information available even though the federal government says it is law. The recommendations were for all CIKR sites to perform a risk analysis and vulnerability assessment."

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