Israel: Foreign Inteligence and Security Services   [open pdf - 14MB]

"Israel's principal intelligence and security authority is the 'Va'adat Rashet Hasherutim' (the Committee of the Heads of Services), general known as Va'adat. It coordinates the operations and activities of its members. 'Mossad Letafkidim Meyouchadim' (the Secret Intelligence Service) or Mossad, its common name, has the primary responsibility for foreign operations and is subordinate to the Prime Minister. 'Sherut Bitachon Klalt' (Counterespionage and Internal Security), popularly known as Shin Beth, is responsible for security and is directly subordinate to the Prime Minister. 'Agaf Modiin' (Military Intelligence) has the main responsibility for strategic military intelligence and communications intelligence and is under the command of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides support in research and political planning to the Israel intelligence community. The Ministry of the Interior assists the National Police with police investigations and the maintenance of border security."

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