Dynamics of Working for a Small Professional Fire Department   [open pdf - 0B]

"If we were to take a look at today's firefighter, we will see individuals joining our ranks for many reasons. Tradition, family ties, something new, and some may join due to the thrill seeking side of our job. Whatever reason they choose the fire service, as leaders it's up to us to provide them with the education, training, equipment and work environment for a successful and rewarding career. The problem we are seeing at Nevada Fire Department is how we address any fears or concerns our new firefighters may have or experience during their probationary period. The purpose of this research paper will be to identify some of those fears and create an orientation guide that both the leadership and employees could use during the probation period, thus allowing a smoother process into their fire service careers. The action research method was used to address the following questions: (a) What is expected during the probation period for the selected fire departments; (b) What were some of the fears or concerns new employees experienced during their probation period; (c) How did the department address those fears of new employees entering the fire service; and (d) What responsibilities did the department leaders have in addressing probationary members fears or concerns?"

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