Identifying Recruitment Strategies to Achieve a More Diverse Workforce in the Kinston Department of Public Safety Fire Division   [open pdf - 196KB]

"The problem that initiated this research was the Kinston Department of Public Safety (KDPS) Fire Division had been unsuccessful in attaining a diverse workforce that represented the demographics of the city it serves. The purpose of this applied research project (ARP) was to identify recruitment strategies to achieve a more diverse workforce in the KDPS Fire Division. The descriptive research method was used to answer the following research questions: a) what internal and external factors have prevented the recruitment of a diverse workforce in the KDPS Fire Division?, b) What methods have been identified for recruiting a more diverse workforce?, and c) What methods are other fire departments in North Carolina using to recruit a more diverse workforce? Procedures included a literature review as well as research through interviews and questionnaires. Questionnaires were distributed to KDPS Fire Division personnel as well as other North Carolina fire departments. The results identified several factors that were preventing the recruitment of a diverse workforce. Results also identified several effective recruitment strategies for improving the diversity of a workforce. Key recruitment strategies included targeted advertising and outreach programs through ethnic churches, ethnic community organizations, and diverse educational institutions. The utilization of a variety of recruitment strategies was found to be most effective. Recommendations included the use of a variety of recruitment strategies including targeted advertising, community outreach, recruitment initiatives at diverse high schools and colleges, and development of a candidate preparation/assistance program. Revision and continued use of the KDPS Explorer program was also recommended as well as consideration of an increase in the entry level salary for firefighter positions."

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