Use of Social Media as a Tool for Community Based Safety Education in the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department Response District   [open pdf - 0B]

"This applied research project explores the application of social media methods and platforms to fire service's community risk reduction communications with the public. The problem is the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department is not active in community risk reduction initiatives within its response district. The purpose of this research is to identify social media platforms to use as an outreach tool for community safety education and associated programs. This descriptive research is accomplished through a literature review and analysis of a feedback instrument to answer the following research questions: 1. What is social media? 2. How is social media used in non-public safety organizations? 3. How are other emergency response organizations using social media to improve community outreach activities with their communities? 4. What social media formats may be used to improve Stony Hill Rural Fire Department's community oriented safety initiatives? The research revealed a direct relationship between the corporate use of social media in marketing and the fire service's goal of public safety education. The commonality identified is customer engagement and maintenance of a relationships. The researcher found that the methodologies used in the corporate world have a direct application in the fire service. The research recommended that the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department employ the use of social media platforms to enhance its community risk reduction initiatives in its fire protection district."

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