Implementing a Vacant Building Marking System in Rochester, New York   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The City of Rochester, New York, has a significant inventory of vacant buildings. In recent years, the number of vacant and abandoned buildings has hovered around 2800 structures. The problem is the city lacks a standardized classification system that identifies and marks vacant structures. The purpose of this research was to identify a standardized classification and marking system for the vacant and abandoned buildings in the City of Rochester, New York. Action research was utilized to answer the following three research questions, (a) What are the classifications for identifying vacant and abandoned buildings in Rochester, New York? (b) How are the standards for marking vacant and abandoned buildings implemented by the various departments in the City of Rochester? (c) What elements should be included in a uniformed vacant building and marking system for the City of Rochester? Procedurally, surveys and interviews were conducted, fire codes were reviewed, and reports from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health examined. The results revealed the need to create and implement a building marking system that was compliant with the State of New York's fire code. A vacant building inspection and marking system program was developed along with several recommendations to implement it."

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