Inspection Report: Tactical Response Force Pursuit Operations at Idaho National Laboratory   [open pdf - 186KB]

"In support of the Department of Energy's mission, several national laboratories, to include Idaho National Laboratory (Idaho), work with Special Nuclear Material. Idaho protects such materials with an armed protective force comprised of specially trained and equipped contractor personnel. Idaho is managed and operated by Battelle Energy Alliance (Battelle). The Department's Idaho Operations Office oversees the activities of Idaho and Battelle. Because of the presence of nuclear materials, Federal regulations require Idaho's contractor to maintain a highly trained Tactical Response Force to protect nuclear weapons, weapon components and Special Nuclear Material. As part of Idaho's protection strategy, the Tactical Response Force is equipped with vehicles to respond to attacks and pursue adversaries. It is possible for adversaries to cross jurisdictional lines and enter into a jurisdiction where several different Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies reside. Because such activities have the potential to endanger members of the public, we initiated this inspection to determine whether Idaho's Tactical Response Force was properly prepared, trained and equipped to execute its mission related to pursuit of suspects across jurisdictional lines."

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Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General, Report No. INS-O-13-02
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U.S. Dept. of Energy: http://www.energy.gov/
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