Role of Transportation Management Centers in Emergency Operations Guidebook   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The purpose of this guidebook is to increase communication, collaboration, and cooperation among Transportation Management Centers (TMC) and emergency response agencies so they can effectively respond to a variety of situations ranging from a localized traffic incident to major regional events such as hurricane evacuations. The key is to remove the technical and institutional barriers that prevent TMCs from fully supporting emergency operations. The guidebook addresses those barriers and provides noteworthy practices on how TMCs can effectively implement emergency operations through a mutual understanding with emergency response agencies on the responsibilities, resources, and operational procedures that result in a beneficial relationship for all parties. Throughout the publication are photos showing actual emergency events and the role played by the TMC. The guidebook will increase a TMC's understanding of emergency operations and identify specific activities to enhance coordination and cooperation with emergency response agencies. The guidebook will also allow emergency response agencies to understand the mission, resources, and operational procedures of TMCs. As demonstrated through the guidebook best practices, it is the trust and relationships built up through joint planning and training activities that result in better cooperation. Improved cooperation in turn leads to success in achieving the ultimate goal, which is more rapid and effective response in times of emergency with reduced loss of life and property."

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Federal Highway Administration Report No. FHWA-HOP-12-050
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Federal Highway Administration Office of Operations: http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/
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