Department of Defense Mustard Gas Testing: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Compensation, Pension, and Insurance of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session, March 10, 1993   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the opening statement of Jim Slattery: "We are here today to learn more about the circumstances and effects of the testing mustard gas and other agents during and following World War II on servicemembers who either volunteered or were volunteered to participate in these tests. According to the Institute of Medicine, some 60,000 veterans were used as human experimental subjects and were exposed to mustard gas and Lewisite agents while participating in militarily supervised tests. We have been advised that numerous veterans are now coming forward seeking treatment and assistance from the VA for disabilities linked to high-level exposures to mustard agents. In conducting this bearing, we hope to accomplish at least three things. First, we want to be fully briefed by the Institute of Medicine on its findings and recommendations regarding the long-term health effects of high-level mustard gas exposures. Second, we expect to hear from the Department of Defense in detail about their reactions to the Institute of Medicine report and to learn what they are doing to respond to its recommendations, particularly those relating to the identification of victims and outreach efforts to advise these veterans that they may and should now come forward. Finally, we want to hear from the VA about their experiences and activities in handling benefit claims from the victims of the various tests, as well as those involved in other incidents or military occupations involving similar exposure possibilities. It appears that VA is on the right track, but it is somewhat hamstrung due to problems relating to records availability." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Jim Slattery; Michael Bilirakis; Robert M. Alexander; Glen Browder; Porter Goss; Constance M. Pechura; John Vogel; Gary Hickman; Susan Mather; Darryl Kehrer; and Michael Bilirakis.

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