Remarks by Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, U.S. Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs in the United Nations, at a Security Council Open Debate on the Work of its Counterterrorism Committees   [open pdf - 71KB]

From the statement of Jeffrey DeLaurentis: "Thank you, Mr. President. At the General Assembly in September, President Obama reminded us that terror attacks are not simply an assault on one country but an assault on the very ideals upon which the United Nations was founded. Through concerted action and international cooperation, the world has made significant progress in combating the scourge of terrorism, but we have not yet eliminated it. Though al-Qaeda's core has weakened, we have seen the rise of affiliated groups around the world, such as in the Sahel and the Arabian Peninsula. The Security Council's three counterterrorism Committees exemplify our common efforts and reflect the international community's multifaceted approach to confront this challenge. Thwarting nefarious actors from supporting acts of terror; building national capacity to address terrorism domestically; and working to prevent the most dangerous weapons and materials from falling into the wrong hands -- these are all essential elements of a comprehensive approach to counterterrorism, and they require constant multilateral cooperation. The Council's sustained commitment to promoting implementation of resolutions 1267, 1373, and 1540 has helped build stronger legal, policy, and institutional counterterrorism frameworks at the national and regional levels. We commend the Committees for their dedication, their Chairs for their leadership over the past two years, and the three expert groups for their continued excellent work."

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