Reserve Component Transformation: How Does the Army Maintain Readiness in a Declining State of War?   [open pdf - 758KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Army Reserve Component over the past decade deployed multiple units and personnel as part of the conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, units were mobilized as part of domestic and world crisis involving natural disaster relief and homeland security operations. This operational tempo (OPTEMPO) is unprecedented in our history and our reliance with using citizen Soldiers has become part of our overall strategy with incorporating Reserve Component (RC) forces as part of the Total Forces Policy, but have we ensured that these forces are trained and ready for tomorrow's crisis? Due to this high OPTEMPO and changes in the geostrategic environment the time is now to implement long range plans that clearly define roles and responsibilities that take into consideration the experience that RC forces have gained over this time period. The longer the Department of Defense waits to implement programs that ensure the training and readiness of RC forces the longer the Army jeopardizes the momentum that RC forces maintain. The central theme of this article is defining how the Army will maintain readiness during a time of declining state of war while transforming to an operational force."

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