Navy Information Dominance Corps Human Capital Strategy 2012-2017   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Information Dominance is the operational advantage gained when the Navy's informational functions, capabilities, resources, and people are integrated to the extent that decision-making and its corresponding warfighting effects are not only optimized, but superior to our adversaries. To attain this advantage, the Navy must succeed in three core areas: Assured Command and Control, Battlespace Awareness, and Integrated Fires. The challenge of succeeding in this complex and dynamic operating environment has never been greater. Moreover, the challenge is compounded by exponential increases in information and computing capabilities, and the near universal availability of these technologies around the globe and at comparatively low cost. As a consequence, our customary technological advantage is constantly at risk. Maintaining our operational and technological advantages depends directly on the sustainment of our human capital advantage. We require an elite workforce that is recruited, trained, and educated to pace technology, understand the maritime environment, and deliver integrated warfighting effects on demand. It is a formidable challenge, but one we are uniquely prepared to face. […] Developing and sustaining a viable and responsive IDC [Information Dominance Corps] requires a commitment to workforce planning and management processes, delivery of a Corps-wide learning continuum, and cultivation of an identifiable, inclusive Information Dominance culture and ethos. This Human Capital Strategy constitutes the first installment on that commitment and provides a structured, balanced and deliberate approach for ensuring the Navy's IDC is qualified, ready and sustainable. It is framed on four strategic goals, each supported by a set of measurable objectives, which drive their implementation: manage the Corps as a total force, build competencies through training, education, and experience, strategically integrate and align the IDC workforce with mission and capability requirements, and create a warfighting culture"

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