Thinking Beyond Counterinsurgency: The Utility of a Balanced Approach to Amnesty, Reconciliation and Reintegration   [open pdf - 243KB]

From the thesis abstract: "This paper explores the military's role in the processes of amnesty, reconciliation and reintegration (AR2). Its premise is that while the US and UK have devoted considerable intellectual energy and treasure to dealing with the current counterinsurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, little thought appears to have gone in to what happens once stability and a legitimate government have been restored. In fact, it is clear that in the long term, counter insurgency (COIN) operations are usually just the first step toward conflict resolution which is concluded with the culmination of the amnesty, reconciliation and reintegration processes. This study examines the relationship between COIN operations and AR2 processes and assesses the military's role in both. The primary vehicle it uses to do this is a case study of conflict resolution in Northern Ireland since 1969. The study concludes that it is vital that the governments and militaries of the US and the UK look beyond the current fight when conducting COIN operations. In doing so, they need to utilize an inclusive, balanced and responsive approach that advances political, economic and security processes in a way that avoids one area having an adverse affect on the others. Critically, wherever possible, COIN operations should be conducted in a way that sets the conditions for AR2. In particular, military operations should not be seen as an end in themselves, or even purely as a way to support a legitimate government, but rather, in terms of their contribution to the vital processes of AR2. "

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