Building on a Foundation of Strength: Fiscal Year 2012 United States Army Annual Financial Report, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Civil Works   [open pdf - 10MB]

"Throughout its long history, the Army Corps of Engineers has been committed to serving the Nation in peace and war, with its Civil Works mission critical to the safety, security, and economy of our great Nation. Shifting national priorities for public water management have necessitated a concomitant shift in the focus of the Corps' activities and operations. As described in these pages, the majority of the Army Civil Works program is heavily focused on the operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of major navigation, flood risk management and hydropower infrastructure systems and on the environmental mitigation and restoration of resources affected in the past by these systems. Within the flood risk management business line, priority continues to be given to infrastructure maintenance and repair, reflecting the Army's concern about the risks associated with aging dams and levee systems. Within the navigation business line, the Army continues to partner with the Department of Transportation to better align federal infrastructure investments to improve the economy and foster a competitive, efficient, and environmentally sustainable freight movement infrastructure. Each year as we execute our multi-billion dollar program, the Army considers the integrity of the existing Civil Works infrastructure, the associated risks to the economy, safety, and the environment, and the development of sustainable solutions to America's water resources needs. The Army continues to work closely with other federal, state and local agencies to develop integrated water resources management outcomes across mission areas that leverage taxpayer dollars and strives to return the highest value to the Nation in terms of economic, social, and environmental benefits."

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