Tribal Protocol Manual (Draft)   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The Tribal Protocol Manual is a reference tool, produced as a result of information collected from multiple sources including interviews with NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] staff and management with tribal experience, interviews with personnel at other Federal agencies with established tribal outreach and communication programs and interviews with tribal representatives. NRC management and staff can use this manual to develop and maintain government-to-government relationships with tribal governments affected by NRC activities. The authors of this manual acknowledge that NRC staff have a wide breadth of experience working with Native American Tribes. This manual is intended to supplement that experience and will be particularly useful to those NRC staff who have had only limited interactions with Native American Tribes. In this manual, various names are used when describing Native American peoples. As a point of reference, in a speech, given November 5, 2009, before roughly 400 Federally recognized tribes, President Obama addressed his audience using such terms as 'Native Americans,' 'First Americans,' 'Tribal Nations,' and 'Alaska Natives.' In President Clinton's November 6, 2000 Executive Order 13175, the terminology 'Indian Tribe' and 'Tribal officials' is utilized. The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, uses the term 'American Indian,' while the National Congress of American Indians prefers 'Native American.' Accordingly, there is no official determination of the proper vernacular to be used by staff in its communication with, and its reporting about, Federally recognized tribes and tribal governments."

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