FBI is Leading the Way by Making the Private Sector an Integral Part of the Counterterrorism Homeland Security Enterprise   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "This thesis discusses the building of a sustainable business process wherein the private sector is integrated into the homeland security apparatus. As the threat our nation and her allies face continues to evolve, so must our responses. Integrating the private sector into the homeland security enterprise is long overdue. It is conceivable the next threat will be uncovered by a shopping mall guard or hotel housecleaning staff which is in stark contradiction to the past when the intelligence community identified a foreign-based cell or undesirable traveler to the States ready to launch an attack. The private sector brings with it a plethora of talents and resources. Because it has not traditionally been seen as a partner the private sector has been relegated to the sidelines. This is no longer acceptable. The FBI, in partnership with the DHS, is spearheading an innovative project designed to complete the circle of 360 degrees of protection. Project Touchstone is an extremely successful example of a highly selective, small group of trusted decision makers within the private sector, primarily the security apparatus, meeting with the FBI and DHS wherein timely, actionable intelligence information is shared so soft targets can be protected and fortified."

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