Law Enforcement Methods for Counterinsurgency Operations   [open pdf - 341KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Recent operations have forced the United States Army to re-examine the 'art' of fighting insurgencies. This monograph draws a correlation between insurgent organizations and organized criminal groups. Then, by extension, examines what the Army can learn from the law enforcement community. To limit the scope of this research, only criminal organizations in America were examined. Youth gangs and Mafia style organized crime are included in the study; however, international organized criminal groups are not. This work starts with a doctrinal examination of counterinsurgency operations. It then compares the nature of insurgent organizations to criminal organizations. It does so by correlating five common characteristics: leadership within the organization, organizational structure, culture of the organization, recruitment, and finances. The parallel between insurgents and organized criminals established, the law enforcement community is studied for ways to assist the Army in counterinsurgencies. Five concepts are identified as promising candidates for Army adoption, as well as evidence that the Army should dedicate more research to learn from law enforcement. All of these concepts are easier to adopt than a major weapons platform. These all have a very real potential to assist fighting current and future insurgencies faced by the United States Army."

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