Rock Valley Direct Earthquake-Explosion Comparison Experiment (RV-DC): Initial Feasibility Study   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The RV-DC (Rock Valley Direct Earthquake-Explosion Comparison Experiment) is designed to be the capstone of the ongoing Source Physics Experiments. This report describes the motivation behind the RV-DC and the tremendous potential scientific payoff for both nuclear explosion monitoring and earthquake source physics expected from the RV-DC experiment. The report describes the issues, work to date and plans for FY13 in the areas of defining the shot location, depth and size, as well as addressing potential concerns about induced seismicity. We believe the RV-DC is feasible. There do not appear to be any significant technical or scientific issues that would prevent the RV-DC from being carried out in the approximately FY14‐16 time frame. This time frame allows sufficient time for work to continue in FY13 to better define the experimental plan. It is our recommendation, based on the work to date and the potential payoff of the RV-DC experiment, that the currently defined work for FY13 to better define the experimental plan, proceed."

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LLNL-TR-585672; Lawrence Livermore National Lab Technical Report-585672
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