DOE Role in Nuclear Policies and Programs   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the opening statement of Dale Myers: "Good morning. I would like to welcome you to the first of the Consumer Information Series of public briefings scheduled by the Department of Energy. These briefings are planned and conducted by the agency's Office of Consumer Affairs, in cooperation with various DOE program offices. The series will present, for public information and discussion, those DOE policies and programs of specific interest to consumers and public interest groups. We are launching the series with what is, perhaps, the most difficult and controversial topic of all; nuclear policies and programs. I say perhaps because we may find in the future that there are other energy subjects more controversial. For now, nuclear seems to be the winner. We live in interesting times, and I think we are going to find it an interesting meeting today. […] As to the topic today, it should be noted that the questions related to the nuclear generation of electricity are extremely complex. Knowledgeable, serious and dedicated opinions can be found on both sides of every issue. […] I trust, and I expect, that we can raise the questions and listen to the answers in a spirit of cooperation and good will; a gathering of concerned citizens seeking to examine more closely a subject of great importance to our fellow citizens."

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DOE Conference Report No. CONF-771221
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DOE Role in Nuclear Policies and Programs. Washington, D.C. December 13, 1977
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