Maximum Use of Civilian Communications Capabilities for National Security   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the introductory Staff Study section of this analytical study: "The civilian communications industry in the United States, with a plant value of over 7 billion dollars, employing over 1/2 million skilled communications men, and rapidly expanding, is capable of furnishing sufficient skilled and experienced personnel in wartime to meet practically the entire Armed Forces and industrial requirements. […] Signal Corps experience in both recent Wars has demonstrated and proven the value and benefits of military utilization of civilian industrial trained and experienced technicians as implemented through the 'Affiliation' principle. […] Current programs leading toward a utilization of this civilian skilled manpower reservoir, principally through the 'Affiliation Program', can ultimately utilize only a minor fraction of the segment of this group of personnel which would be available to the Armed Forces in wartime. Current program limitations and implementing experiences indicate a definite need for a more comprehensive program of civilian skilled personnel utilization. […] Since there exists in the Signal Corps a positive wartime requirement for trained and skilled civilian communications personnel; since there exists within the civilian communications industry a sufficient force of this category of personnel to meet practically all wartime manpower requirements; and since current programs provide for only a minor utilization of this civilian capability; - the urgency of the problem warrants consideration of a plan designed to achieve maximum utilization of this capability."

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