State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs: FY 2013 Budget and Appropriations [October 4, 2012]   [open pdf - 660KB]

"The 112th Congress is considering FY2013 international affairs funding within the context of the Budget Control Act (P.L. 112-25) that established discretionary spending limits for FY2012- FY2021 and contains automatic budget reductions (sequestration) on discretionary spending to begin on January 2, 2013. [...] Many expect a delay in passing the FY2013 foreign affairs budget and most of the other appropriations bills until after the November 2012 elections (two months into the new fiscal year), which may have more to do with election year politics, however, than lawmakers' differing views on foreign affairs spending. On February 13, 2012, the Obama Administration submitted its FY2013 budget proposal. The FY2013 request totals $54.87 billion for the State-Foreign Operations appropriations […]. Within the budget process, the Administration is requesting authority in addition to appropriations ($770 million) for a new account--the Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund (MENA IF)--to provide flexible and transparent support for Arab Spring countries in transition toward democracy. The request includes $8.2 billion for the front line states of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (including $800 million for the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF) […]). This report analyzes the FY2013 request and congressional action related to FY2013 State- Foreign Operations legislation. Updates will occur to reflect congressional actions."

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