Crosswalk of Target Capabilities to Core Capabilities   [open pdf - 200KB]

"The following table maps the target capabilities outlined in the former 'Target Capabilities List (TCL) version 2.0', released in September 2007, to the new core capabilities outlined in the first edition of the 'National Preparedness Goal'. The mapping was performed such that all thirty-seven target capabilities from the TCL were mapped; and each target capability was mapped to 'one, and only one,' core capability. In a few cases, the alignment of a target capability to a single core capability is unclear--i.e., the target capability either did not match any core capabilities in a straightforward manner, or could be mapped to more than one core capability. Thus, the 'Justification' column provides details as to the rationale used in the placement of the target capability. Please note that not all core capabilities have a target capability associated with them. Furthermore, some core capabilities have more than one target capability associated with them. Importantly, readers should not interpret that the target capabilities assigned to a core capability necessarily capture 'the entirety' of what that core capability is meant to address. The core capabilities and their definitions are taken from the first edition of the 'National Preparedness Goal', which was issued in September 2011. Descriptions of the target capabilities are excerpts taken from the Capability Description section of each target capability in the 'TCL'. This crosswalk was created to support the transition that states, localities, tribes, and territories face in realigning activities that may have previously been organized by the TCL to the new core capabilities as part of the 2011 State Preparedness Report effort. The contents are meant to provide additional context and stimulate thinking, but are for discussion purposes only, and should not be taken as official FEMA doctrine."

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